Operadora de Autobuses LLC dba Tap Royal

• Operadora de Autobuses LLC doing business as TAP ROYAL, is the company that provides the transportation service within the United States.

• In connections to Mexico, Operadora de Autobuses LLC Bus (DBA TAP ROYAL), will act solely as a sales agent between the passenger (s) and the selected carrier, so Operadora de Autobuses LLC (DBA TAP ROYAL), disclaims any legal responsibility.

Hours of departure and arrival

• Operadora de Autobuses LLC Bus Operator (DBA TAP ROYAL), will make the necessary effort to comply punctually with their departure times for their services; Even so, these schedules are an estimated time, so that the departure times and arrival times cannot be guaranteed exactly; These can vary due to factors or situations that are beyond our control, such as: weather conditions, traffic, crossing international bridges, mechanical problems, etc.


• Tickets are valid to be used only by the person whose name appears on it and only for the date, time and city of origin marked on the ticket.

• Ticketholder should be at the terminal at least 30 minutes before departure time marked in the ticket.

• If the passenger cannot or does not choose to travel at the time and date marked on their ticket, it is the responsibility of the passenger to appear at the Operadora de Autobuses LLC Ticket office to request the change of ticket for a new confirmed ticket or for an unconfirmed ticket, at least 1 hour before the departure marked on the original ticket.

• Tickets are valid to travel up to 180 days after the date of their expedition exclusively for unconfirmed tickets.

• There are no refunds of cash or cancellation of tickets for reasons attributable to the passenger. In any case you can leave the ticket open without confirming valid until 180 days to be able to use it.

• Sale of tickets in round trip is only available to destinations where it does not involve change of bus.

• Operadora de Autobuses LLC (DBA TAP ROYAL) is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. It is NOT allowed to travel without a ticket under any circumstances and no exceptions of any kind are made.

• In cases of loss of the ticket, the company cannot generate a replacement ticket and the passenger must buy another ticket at 100% of the value of the lost ticket.

• Tickets are not transferable, and if presented for use by anyone other than the printed beneficiary, the ticket will be void and may be confiscated by the company.

• In case of suspension of the service for reasons attributable to the company, it is obliged to grant preference in the next run, or the total refund of the amount paid.

• Passenger must always carry their original ticket during the duration of the trip.

Ticket inspection

• To ensure quality in the service, eventually, an inspector will board the bus to ensure that each passenger has a ticket.

• The passenger is obliged to confirm that he has a paid ticket by showing his ticket to the inspector.


• The amounts shown and published correspond to Adult rates, are shown in dollars and are payable in legal currency of the United States of America.

• In the purchase of round-trip tickets, a $ 10 (ten) dollars discount of the total rate is made.

• Tickets sold in Mexico, will have to specify American currency in the US section.

Discounts by type of Passenger

Senior Citizen

• Senior discount is applied according to the current price list and the travel destination.

• The passenger has the responsibility to request the INSEN or SENIOR discount when applicable.

• Only people over 65 years of age will receive this type of discount - without exception.

• The person requesting the Senior Citizen discount must be present at the time of purchase of the ticket. The ticket cannot be bought by another person.

• The passenger is required to present an official identification with a photograph indicating the age. This identification can be a driver's license / photo identification, passport, Immigrant visa, etc.

• The passenger identification form will be requested at the terminal to be reviewed upon delivery of the final travel ticket.

• It must be confirmed that the person requesting the discount is the same person in the form of identification - an identification without photograph is not acceptable.

• Passengers with a Senior Citizen ticket must present their identification to the bus driver when boarding or upon request.

• For safety reasons, it is sought to assign seats 1 to 4 to passengers who require assistance during the trip.


• Minor discount is applied according to the current price list and the travel destination.

• The Minor rate is applicable to children three (3) to eleven (11) years old.

• Children under three (3) years old do not pay a ticket, traveling in the arms of an adult.

• Only one child under 3 years old can travel per adult.

• Children under eighteen (18) years old are not allowed to travel alone; They should always travel in the company of an adult.

• The company may require official identification to corroborate the minor's age.


• The passenger is entitled to carry two (2) medium suitcases of 35 pounds each for each adult or senior paid ticket and a medium suitcase of 35 pounds per each minor ticket that must be placed in the lower compartment of the bus.

• In addition, the passenger can travel with a carry-on bag, which can be placed in the interior of the bus, located at the top of the seats.

• Any luggage that is placed in the lower compartment of the bus must be properly identified with Owner's name, ticket #, origin, destination and date of travel.

• Excess baggage is evaluated on the day of the trip before boarding the bus and will be subject to availability of space and season of the year. When applicable, you must charge $ 1.00 per pound of excess or depending on the volume of such excess.

• The excess baggage charge is valid only up to the Mexican border.

• In cases of loss or destruction of baggage, the company limits its responsibility after exhausting all search and recovery instances at $ 60.00 per suitcase documented by a baggage settlement.

It is prohibited to transport the following items on the bus or as luggage:

• Car batteries or off any type of vehicle.

• Materials and Flammable or Corrosive Substances.

• Explosives or articles containing gunpowder or any similar component.

• Weapons and ammunition of any kind.

• Sharps items such as knives, scissors, etc.

• Drugs and any substance or object prohibited by the authorities of the United States and Mexico.

• Perishable Items.

• Tools, equipment or machinery that use any fuel and have already been used.

• Animals and Pets except for properly identified service animals. Service animals must travel in the passenger area taking the appropriate measures to ensure the comfort and well-being of all passengers and the animal itself.


• The consumption of alcoholic beverages inside the bus is not allowed.

• The company reserves the right to deny service to people under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

• Smoking is not allowed inside the bus or inside the bus bathroom.

• Passengers who require assistance during the trip, must travel with a companion.

• The company reserves the right to deny the service to any person at any time.