TAP ROYAL, started operating in 2012, in the United States in the states of Arizona and Nevada. Also operating in nine states of Mexico where the brand is well known.

Since opening TAP ROYAL has offered a new way to travel to USA and Mexico, competitive advantages that distinguish us from our competitors by offering late-model units, specific facilities, ticketing system using computer system that uses more than 50 outlets.

TAP ROYAL success has been the good service to our customers, always with high-tech security and values, we have achieved this through constant training of drivers, operational and administrative staff.

Therefore we have maintained the preference of passengers along the route, this policy based on quality personalized service to each of our clients.


COOPERATION: In our TAP ROYAL partners offer and receive support to get the best results.

SYNERGY: In TAP ROYAL, colleagues join efforts towardss a common goal to offer leading solutions.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: In TAP ROYAL, we are committed to conducting our activities efficiently and effectively to give added value to our customers.

INTEGRITY: In TAP ROYAL is a team of committed employees who work with honesty, accountability and professionalism.


In TAP ROYAL perform each of our activities with quality, responsibility and cooperation to form a professional environment and integral to allow us to exceed the needs and service needs and expectations of our customers.